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Images from my man cave.

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  • Images from my man cave.

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    Some of those are a bit unsettling,
    The 49ers have sucked since they got rid of Joe Montana and there is no turning back
    What's the rest look like?

    My steam workshop


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      "The 49ers have sucked since they got rid of Joe Montana" Huh what?
      They one 2 superbowls under Steve Young, After Joe Montana left.

      What do you mean by unsettling? Please explain.

      The two paintings with Alice from Alice in Wonderland are fantasy. One is Alice in Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh, the other is Alice and Snow white.
      I really like this artist's renditions. Personal preference I know.

      The rest of it is a bit of chaos at the moment. Working on getting it back in order. Too much stuff, need to start throwing stuff away.

      The Blue Angels and the Patriot Jets I captured at the Salinas Air Show years ago.


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        Steve Young just did what Joe taught him. He floated through on Rice skills and expertise and Rice alone.
        By the way, I used to own a hobby shop, still have my Jerry Rice topps rookie card. It's only worth about $100 or so last I checked but it has sentimental value.

        Unsettling...explain - Those paintings are meant to be unsettling which is obvious by their content right? I mean isn't that the intention of portraying Alice in this fashion? Whoever made them they achieved their goal. If I saw her in Wonderland i'd shoot first intro myself later.

        I'd love to see the Blue Angels live. I imagine it is nothing like the videos I've seen. Not sure if I could confidently fly that close to someone else doing those maneuvers and make it out in one piece. Unless we are gonna use Empyrion physics then I'll be fine.

        Our man cave is a mess also. I am in the midst of spring cleaning in the Winter cause i'm sick of it. I just pull the trash can down by the door and start chucking stuff out. I tell the wife "if we are storing something for years then we aren't gonna use it and it can either go to someone who needs it or the trash." Good thing was once I told her that she found a family in need and we donated a bunch of stuff. Maybe try going that route if you have to convince the wife...unless your family is really mean. Hehe.
        My steam workshop


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          LOL, I think the Alice pictures are odd, but art is in the eye of the beholder

          Steve Young was a good player, but did inherit a ton of talent around him to make up for any short comings (Rice, Watters, etc.) and he was gifted a game management plan he well understood after years under Joe.


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            "LOL, I think the Alice pictures are odd, but art is in the eye of the beholder "

            Yeah, a lot of art is that way. I've always like this genre of art, but it is not for everyone.