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  • been out of the loop

    Just a heads up. We haven't been on lately cause we had a crazy and unfortunate series of events befall us. First our cat got fleas. He is an inside/outside cat and very clean but you can't stop nature. So we start tearing down the house, cleaning everything, spending LOTS of money, but getting rid of the fleas. Part of the process is washing everything. During this part our washer decided to break down and flood our whole finished basement all the way into our garage. We have a huge amount of our possessions out on the lawn sorting through everything, carpets ripped up, the washer is now in the trash.
    We are in the aftermath phase. I just cut a bunch of drywall out that was not salvageable and we are working on the carpets. Hopefully we got to most of it in time but water really does hide well and leave some nasty long term damage.
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    Dude, so sorry to hear about that, water damage do suck the big one. Insurance any help?


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      Unfortunately no insurance. We've been hit by a pretty rough year. Lots of big ticket items taking shits. So unfortunately things like that fall to the wayside so more important things can get done. Sure do wish we had some though.