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  • Almost that time

    I know Rooster and I have been afk a lot lately. We have been out enjoying the decent weather, doing a lot of camping, picked up bike riding, things like that. But it's starting to get cooler, rainier, leaves are falling. I guess it's about time to start getting into games again. I've been curious as to how our compound is coming along in the Forest?
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    We have not done much with the compound in quite some time.
    I may play some tonight, Chris is out of town, so he will not be available.
    We have mostly been playing BF4, decided to pick that up again, enough time has gone by that its actually fun to play again.
    There are many things I would like to do for Cynical, but without cooperation of others, I do not feel it would be fair to be the only one doing anything.
    If a time comes that people are free enough to do anything, I am here. Otherwise I am just maintaining what we have and that's about it.

    It would be nice to see you two playing again, miss the fun of your company.


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      Holy hell, we had just been talking about BF4. We are gonna get everything updated and ready to go. Maybe we can get into a game this weekend?

      As for the CG stuff, I know...and I sympathize. I used to do it myself and it gets frustrating. Believe me the only reason I am not around much right now is because of all the crap going on. Some of it's kind of personal. I don't really want to just throw up here. But they are very important issues and it's taking all my free time to try and figure out how to fix it. We still don't have a furnace, which means no heat, which means in Indiana we are in big trouble. We get pretty cold snowy winters. Which also means our leaking ass roof is gonna be an issue. It's big things like that. To put it bluntly we are fucked. I have a whole family including a grandson expecting me to produce a furnace out of thin air with no money. It just adds up. My fucking stress level is through the roof.


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        Hey Guys - I'm up for BF4 tonight if you are? Let me know


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          Sounds good.


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            Sorry guys, was still exhausted from our trip to Ireland and fell out about 8:30 last night. Hope you all got to enjoy some game time


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              You went to Ireland??? You bitch! We are Irish as fuck. You should start a new thread and share any pictures/stories about your trip. At least the stuff that's legal.

              We played for quite a few hours last night. I forgot how much fun BF4 can be.


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                It was awesome, very good weather (luckily). The scenery was beautiful, the people were great, it was a very nice vacation. We did this for our 25th anniversary.
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              Lets make sure we get together this weekend. Friday or Saturday.
              Don't hesitate to text me Eternal. I know you guys often play earlier.
              I'm not doing a lot on the weekends due to my limitations, so I should be available.


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                Sounds great to me, I was totally wiped out from the trip this weekend.

                Eternal/Rooster - We have a Slack account at if you want to join for easy chat comms. There is a desktop client and mobile client


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                  This game looks pretty good, this youtube video is of a map called underground.
                  I see that Eternal wants this game.
                  The main game is a last man standing game, not sure if that would be something I would like, but it might be fun.
                  It also has coop mode, which looks like it could be fun.
                  The game is still in Beta though.
                  I put it in my wish list, and will keep an eye on development to see how it goes.

                  The steam page is here:


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                    I've been following it for a while Ken. I'm pretty sure you can do teams. If not a 1 man game doesn't seem as fun. Like you said it's also in beta and I've been reading about a lot of issues with the game. We might want to wait on this one.

                    What about Overwatch? Anyone play that? It's like a newer TF2.

                    It's looking like we should be around Saturday if you guys want to hook up. Maybe Friday but it's supposed to be nice so we may get out of the house.


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                      My son plays Overwatch a lot, but I have not tried it.
                      I agree about all the issues, I have read about them, and was planning on this being a wait and see game.
                      I like the concept, just not sure on the execution..

                      I will be on Tonight Friday. I am not sure about Frogger, haven't heard from him this week.
                      I will also be on on Saturday, if you have a time you would be on, I may jump on to play if it isn't the normal time we play, around 8PM.


                      • Frogger
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                        Yeah, that Frogger guy sucks

                        I'm on now, go, go, go
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                      Can I get admin on this site?


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                        Originally posted by Frogger View Post
                        Can I get admin on this site?
                        Hmmmm, what are your credentials?


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                          He already has admin, it just doesn't reflect in his name, like mine it still says Junior member.