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Any new games looking good?

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  • Any new games looking good?

    We need something new. Something that doesn't suck. Problem is I haven't seen much that excites me these days game wise. You guys have your eye on anything?
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    Anyone play overwatch?


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      Couple of game ideas based off what my poor hick ass has available.

      These are all Steam titles so can be found there.

      Warframe is a pretty decent coop game involving different "warframes" (think different power suits with different abilities). It can get a little old after a while but it is always fun with people. This game is F2P and doesn't kill you with in app purchases.

      Arma3 A coop realistic military shooter. Pretty difficult game but fun with people. It's $40 for the base game which is what we have.

      Blood and Bacon The game Thrasher is making us play. Haven't had a chance to check it out yet but i'm holding out for you guys. Costs $1.

      The Forest It's been a while. Rooster and I have been playing again a little. I don't want to get so involved we get burnt like before but it is still a really fun game. $15 currently.

      Left 4 Dead 2 Always a fun game around Halloween. 4 player zombie coop can never be a bad time. There is also a really big mod community so we can find a LOT of custom maps. $20 on steam.

      Payday 2 4 player coop bank robbing. This game can be a LOT of fun. You really have to work as a team. I think it's on sale right now for $20 for the ultimate edition which includes a lot of good dlc.

      Dead Island We all have it. Never did get to play it much with you guys but it can be fun. Might at least be worth updating and thinking about. $20 right now.
      Looks like they removed the standard edition from Steam and only have a "definitive" edition. If the reviews are correct this is not compatible with the original that we have and is full of bugs. But I am pretty sure we all have the same one. Just thought I should add this info.

      Insurgency: Modern Infantry Combat is a F2P shooter that used to be a bit popular back in the day. This game goes for a bit more "realism" so can be tough.
      Also has a pay version of Insurgency but i'm not sure what the difference is atm. $10 for the pay version.
      Unfortunately it doesn't look like the free version is worked on all that much any more.

      Non steam games I mentioned:

      Overwatch It's a fast paced team shooter like TF2 and the like. It can be a bit hectic but the characters are well done and you get a variety to play with. It does have a learning curve so you will suck in the beginning. If you're like me you will suck later on as well but it can be fun.

      That's just a quick glance through my list of games that also support at least 4 players and some form of coop. I don't have anything newer since my pc is a bit old.


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        I think I have all of those except for Overwatch. My son plays a lot of Overwatch.
        I would like to play dead island again, and left 4 dead is always good as you mentioned, and if we can play some none standard maps it could be fun again.

        The hard part is getting together with you guys. I will install a couple of these, presently none of them are installed.
        I can install Dead Island and Left for dead.
        Blood and Bacon is really just a fun joke game, but we should give it a try anyway. It is very cheesy, but kind of fun to play in a throwback kind of way.

        One game you did not mention that we both have is Paladins. What are you thoughts on that game, it is similar to Overwatch, but its free.


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          Paladins started as a really good game but as they went on they made some very poor decisions. They started pumping out new characters instead of fixing issues with the game, leaving it kind of broken and a lot of the characters either over powered or totally useless. I am not sure the state of it now since I haven't played in a few months but once I started Overwatch the difference was really noticeable. Overwatch they test the patches and put a lot of thought into changes whereas Paladins seems to just be about pumping out new content (probably so people will pay more).

          I know we aren't always around much but like I said, the weather is changing so we won't be able to get outside much anymore. We usually bike, hike, camp, and do a lot of shit like that so once the temp drops I get REAL lazy and play a lot more games. Pretty soon you will be sick of me.


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            Just let me know what to install for this weekend I'm so down for gaming it's not funny!


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              Hmm, just noticed payday 2 is having an event right now. Might be fun to play some of that?


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                Sounds good to me - have not played that in some time.
                It's free to play for 9 more days, since I did not already have it. Installing now

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                  Have you guys seen these

                  Dead Effect 2: - $12.00

                  No More Room in Hell: - Free

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                    My boys used to play No More Room in Hell. They said it's "hard as shit." But I am not against throwing it up one night.
                    Dead Effect i've never heard of. Have to check that out.


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                      Good Games tonight on PayDay 2. Had a blast playing this game. hope to continue, and play some more.


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                        Looks like Frogger is gonna have to buy it now.

                        Wait till we get to the harder missions and harder enemies. We've been going easy on you guys with the heist selections. Mwa ha ha ha hahaaaaa.


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                          I think I purchased it already - when we were playing and it was 50% off, something like $17.50 or so, so I'm good.

                          I agree, it was great gaming and this is a fun one


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                            Dead Effect 2 looks kind of interesting, makes me think of doom a bit.
                            Will have to take a closer look. I noticed it has coop, so I am wondering if there is a story involved, or is is played like a zombie hoard shooter.