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Win 10 sound issue.

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  • Win 10 sound issue.

    I am trying to hook my laptop (thanks again Ken) to my tv via hdmi and ultimately have the sound come out of my sound bar but it ain't working.
    In Win10 the option to switch default doesn't show any other device.
    When I have windows check the sound devices hdmi shows up but it says it is unplugged (it isn't). I have verified everything works and it works with my desktop and my sons laptop which are both Win7 so I am assuming it is an issue with 10.
    Any thoughts, ideas? I have tried most things I can think of but I am always willing to assume I missed something.
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    My only thought right off the bat would be to check the drivers.
    I installed a fresh copy of windows 10 on that laptop, but did not install all the individual drivers.
    You may want to go to Dell's side and pull down the drivers from there.

    Have you turned up the volume on your tv to see if the sound is coming out there? maybe it is not getting to the soundbar?
    I don't know how you have stuff hooked up.


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      Thanks man, i will try the drivers tonight and let you know what I figure out.

      Hook up: (pretty simple really)
      Laptop goes into tv through regular HDMI. TV goes to soundbar through HDMI ARC. Partying ensues.
      Pretty much any peripheral I hook up goes into the tv's regular HDMI port and works with no issues. So far that's been different consoles, other laptops, my desktop, a chromecast, and a dvd player. There is a record player also hooked into the soundbar but that through the analog port. I guess I can unplug it during this just to alleviate it as a potential suspect.
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          Seriously - you probably saw this but: