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  • When it rains, it pours

    This xmas I got my new ssd. Installed it and everything went fine. Gamed on it pretty heavily since then and it was awesome. Last night for no reason my pc blue screened and never recovered. I'm pretty sure the hard drive is fucked but I haven't had time to test it. If it is the drive hopefully I can rma it since we got it from Amazon.
    As of now it just blue screens and reboots, never starting windows.
    This just isn't my day/month/year. Needless to say I will probably not be gaming as much. I do have a space pc but it isn't the greatest. I will see if it can run some basic games.
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    Wow, that really sucks man - i'm sure you've tried all recovery options.


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      I jumped the gun and assumed it was the newest piece of hardware. Turns out it was just my ram deciding it had enough of life and was going to give up. Problem now; because of the cpu cooler I have I had to use low profile ram. We had some in a spare pc but I could only fit 8 gigs in. Half what I had. Kinda sucks but at least I can play till I can replace it. I was telling Rooster "I get a better video card, a better hard drive, then lose all my ram. Two steps forward, one step back. Fuck."


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        At least you will be on tonight ????? We need all the people we can get to go get the Modern Bow! (Re-breather and Climbing Axe first) it's frickin awesome


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          Awesome gaming tonight. Thanks Frogger for leading us to the rebreather, climbing axe and modern bow.
          Great game tonight.
          Glad Eternal was able to get his system kludged together to play.
          Good game everyone!


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            Yesterday my son's car started shaking really bad. Had to drive 45 mph down a 60 mph highway to the next city over then back home. computer chair just broke.


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              Damn dude, what did you do, spit on an old lady or something?
              You are having the worst luck.
              Just keep moving along, it will get better.


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                Finally getting replacement ram tomorrow and a replacement cpu cooler the day after. I can't wait to have a nice fully functioning albeit old pc. It's crazy how games list 8 gigs of ram as minimum req's now. 16 seems to the be the standard these days.


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                  Saweeeeet!!!! Yeah, 16GB is about the minimum these days, pretty soon games will start using more and more, and we will get to 32GB.

                  I remember when the top games were a single CDROM or 6-10 floppies