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My mistakes are at least something I can far.

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  • My mistakes are at least something I can far.

    Obviously the ram installation went well. That shit's easy.
    The water cooler on the other hand was something.
    For some reason I don't have a fan option of that very common size on my mid tower. A pretty beefy tower. I am gonna take some pictures to show the lengths I went to in order to make this work.
    I had a custom cooler on it already (a HUMONGOUS beast of a fan/grill combo). When I went to attack the new one I noticed I no longer had the stock backplate since I took it off some 7 years ago to add the fan. I ended up having to make rubber washers in order to make it work.
    Once I got through that was when I noticed the radiator/fans was not gonna fit and from there it just got interesting.

    But, the good news is it did work. And seems to be running pretty well. I might even mess with a little overclocking.
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    Don't push it man! Want to have some good game this weekend.


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      Still getting blue screens, sometimes it won't boot properly, it just restarted randomly on me. Other times it plays fine. I had no trouble this weekend and no trouble last night and I was in 2 games.
      I swapped out my ram with Rooster to see if the problem moves with it. That should shed some light on the problem.
      I really hope it isn't more hardware. My computer is just too old to keep throwing more money (which I don't have) into it.
      If it isn't the memory I guess I have to start looking at the cooler I got but that seems to be fine. I've been monitoring temps and what not. I guess it's possible that something else was fucked up when the memory went. I would assume at that point the motherboard or processor would be suspect.

      Good times.
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        I think I figured it out. I am trying not to be overly positive but it seems to be ok. Fucking stupid shit too. A few registry tweaks and a few bios settings later and I hope I am blue screen free. Those constant lock ups started really pissing me off. Kinda ruined gaming for me a bit.
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          That is good news. Registry entries and bios settings? What ever happened to plug and play.
          Well I am glad you did not give up.
          Does this mean you will be playing tonight?