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  • Computer is broken

    Not sure what is happening but when I went to wake my computer last night, the screen just stayed black, saying no signal.

    Made sure it was the right input
    Hard rebooted, then saw the Windows icon and the spinning dots and walked away - came back and the screen was black

    Hard rebooted, watched the boot process - Windows logo appears, dots start spinning, and I get a bit of a video glitch, and screen goes black

    Booted into Safe mode (that is a shitty process) and removed the video adapter and driver
    Rebooted - it cam up in VGA mode, logged in and after about 30 seconds, screen goes black

    Tried all manner of booting and recovery to no avail

    Saw some articles on Nvidia drives causing issues, tried an earlier version of the drivers, same issue

    Going to try reinstalling over the top and hopefully keep my info there
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    I hope this isn't an issue from when you had a leak in your CPU cooler, and it leaked on the graphics card.
    may want to look at your card and see if there are any noticeable residue on it.


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      Well, I verified it was the video card. Looks the wife's video card and system booted properly, and my card in her computer, showed up initially, and then flaked and went black screen.

      Just got a new card, will be here tomorrow - did not want to have to do that, but, life.


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        I could look at the old one and see what I can do, unless you think you could send it back.


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          Happy to give it to you and see if you can salvage it. I think the water damage from last year would void any return, and I purchased the card over 3 years ago. Not too bad for the life span of a performance graphics card though. Could have been just age and massive porn use that caused it to blow


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            How come you guys are Administrators and I'm just a lowly Member?


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              Originally posted by Frogger View Post
              How come you guys are Administrators and I'm just a lowly Member?
              White privilege.
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                Originally posted by eternal View Post

                White privilege.
                FTW Nice one


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