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  • STALKER Series

    Not sure if you guys noticed but we have been playing through 1 of the STALKER games and I was telling Ken how much fun it is and that I would post some info.

    Honestly I think this video sums up everything about this game without me having to do the work. You do have to watch the whole thing though.

    The great thing is all the mods he uses are linked in the video. While I suggest playing each individual game with the "complete" mods this would be the way to go and get a taste of all 3 games at once.

    Just for fun, check this one out, you won't regret it. It's an event called an emission and they happen at random times. When one goes off if you don't find cover quick you die.

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    WOW, I watched the whole thing, it looks very interesting. Some parts actually reminded me of Quake in a way. I would love to check this out, it would definitely require some free time to play it, but it looks like it would be a lot of fun.


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      We have been playing this about every day. It's insanely hard and you can see where current "survival" game mechanics originated in this old school game. There are links to everything you need in that video (including the base game so all free) but I would really suggest playing the first and third game to learn the ropes if anyone is really interested in this one. This is a culmination of years of modding and work to get the best out of the engine but it's more of a free form game like 7 days than something with a plot, beginning, and end. Plus the original games give all the background and info you need to make this version more immersive. BUT, you could always just jump in this one full force and fucking go for it! DANGER ZOOOOOONE!!!

      I have been loving it. I wish we could have a multiplayer coop game like this. It is such a living vibrant world. Rooster and I sometimes just sit there with our character and watch 2 other factions battle it out just so we can swoop in and loot all the bodies before they do. There are factions fighting each other, everyone fighting the mutants, and the zone itself trying to kill us with radiation and the crazy emissions. While the game isn't for everyone I don't think there is any denying its influence on games that came after it.
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        The links to the mods for Stalker: Call of Pripyat and the mods Rooster and I use are in the video description. What they don't tell you is the install order. We found this worked for us

        1 - Call_of_Chernobyl_1_4_12
        2 - Call_of_Chernobyl_1.4.22_patch
        3 - AW_CoC_1.9
        4 - AO3.1_for_Call_of_Chernobyl_v5
        5 - Increased_weapon_damage_v.1.6_for_AO3_CoC_1.4.18
        6 - TRX_-_Global_Weather_2.2
        7 - Immersive_Rain.1
        8 - DRXCoCQuestlines1.25
        9 - OPEN_SCOPES_V1.4

        There is also a misery addon he has on that list but we didn't use it. We tried it but the game world is so shitty all the time we just removed it so we could have a rare day of sunshine and little to no rain. It also seemed really dark all the time. It's not bad, just different. The game is gloomy enough already though.
        Anyhoo, as I said the links to a download of these mods are in the description of the first video of this thread.
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          I also found out yesterday Call of Chernobyl is still being worked on. I am hopeful I can get it working before the next release.
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