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  • A17 news to date

    I'm grabbing this list from this reddit thread. Some of it is from tweets and some has videos with it so maybe check that thread of The Fun Pimps youtube channel.

    A17 Feature List: Updated as Developers reveal them!
    • Vehicles Overhaul
      +New Physics
      +New Vehicle: Bicycle
      +New Vehicle: Motorcycle
      +New Vehicle: Jeep
      +New Camera Controls
      +Shift button to increase Torque on Bicycle for uphill speed
      +Space bar to bunny hop on Bicycle
      +Jeep can damage blocks.
      +Steering using the mouse 2/12/18
      +New Vehicle: Gyrocopter 10/15/18
    • Sleepers 2.0
      +Vulture Sleepers
    • Dungeon POI 2.0
      +Environmental Hazards
      +Zombie Closets
      +Climbable Trellises and/or Vines
      +Backstories for many of the POIs
      +"Helper Blocks" that visually show whether containers are empty or lootable
      +Random loot containers to make each POI unique for where loot may be
      +More than 70 new POI's that have been level designed 4/14/18
    • Player(Bandit) Motion Captured Animation
      +Separate male and female movement styles
      +Players now look up and down and always appear to be breathing
      +Combat movements including power moves 2/21/18
    • Weapon Overhaul
      +Replace gun parts with attachable modifications, compatible with buff and skill frameworks
      +Whole guns instead of parts in loot containers
      +Weapon quality determines how many mods can be attached
      +Mods won't have quality tiers. 3/21/18
      +Removing a mod may not be possible....still in development
      +Size of crosshairs accurately reflects cone of hit probability.
      +All mods use a single item id# but allow for 30,000+ variable mods possible
      +Power moves for melee weapons use the right mouse button and expend stamina 2/21/18
      +Weapon sounds tagged to animations to better maintain sounds syncing correctly 2/21/18
      +Perks and skills and buffs will affect various aspects of each weapon 2/21/18
      +Weapons can be crafted at workstation. Mods added through assembly interface 3/20/18
      +Mods won't be craftable. Obtained through scavenging, trader, and quests 3/21/18
      +Weapons can be tinted to other colors using up a special tinting mod slot 3/28/18
      +Six tiers of weapons. Each tier determines how many mods can be attached and durability. 7/24/18
      +Weapon damage determined by mods and skill and not weapon tier level. 7/24/18
    • Buff Overhaul
      +Improving old buff system with a more robust and optimized framework
      +Designed to work and stack with blocks, items, weapons, clothing, skills, perks, and attributes
      +Can be triggered and modified by events during a buff's lifetime.
      +Designed to be modder's wet dream 9/15/18
    • Progression Overhaul
      +Improving old skill system with a more robust and optimized framework, also designed to work with items and buffs.
      +Character attributes added to better create classes and differentiate play styles.
      +Must do activities in a category to improve the category and unlock perks in that category 7/24/18
      +Not enough skill points to buy everything. Specialization is the vision. 7/24/18
      +Debuffs can cause temporary loss in attribute scores which then cause temporary loss of perks. 10/13/18
    • Integrated Survival System
      +Changes to how health, stamina, fullness, and hydration will work
      +Hunger represented by reduction in stamina max. Eating restores max 4/14/18
      +Thirst represented by recovery rate. Higher thirst means slower recovery of stamina and health 4/14/18
      +There is now "temporary" damage and "permanent" damage. 8/26/18
      +Temporary damage recovers slowly over time according to hydration 8/26/18
      +Permanent damage lowers your HP max. It can only recover through first aid items. 8/26/18
    • Quest System
      +Cool new group quests
      +Dynamically spawns a boss to guard quest objective
      +Dialogue system that is fully moddable 3/5/18
      +Trader initiated quests 3/5/18
      +Quests and quest POIs will work in Random worlds as well as Navezgane 4/19/2018
      +Party quests will provide xp sharing when party members stay close to each other 7/24/18
    • Stealth System
      +New Stealth related display bar with as of yet unknown functions.....
    • Terrain and World
      +Distant Trees 2/12/18
      +POI Editor accessible in main menu
      +Terrain Editor accessible in main menu 3/20/18
      +Navezgane terrain vastly improved 3/20/18
      +New Height maps for interesting cliffs, ridges, and better variety 4/14/18
      +Random maps will be pregenerated to load as fast as and play as optimized as Navezgane 4/27/18
      +New tree model for forest biome 5/21/18
      +Underwater decorations 6/24/18
      +Random Generated Worlds are now 8000x8000 meters 7/24/18
      +Random Maps assigned a "county" name for multiplayer server games in order to hide the actual seed name.7/24/18
    • AI and Pathing System
      +Zombies scan obstacles in 3 block height and target the middle block followed by bottom then top blocks depending on block hp 4/19/18
      +Zombies prioritize obstacles according to block health. 4/19/18
      +Game scans terrain for multiple pathways a zombie can take after any change. 4/19/18
      +Turn smoothing and prediction added to reduce appearance of zigzag grid following 4/19/18
      +Zombies are slowed by water resistance when they move underwater 4/26/18
      +Zombies can dig downward when they detect a target below them. 4/26/18
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    I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike. I want to ride my bicycle I want to ride it where I like.
    That's a shitload of updates, looking forward to it.


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      Looks like multi passenger vehicles are back in for the next patch!!! Very excited about this one.
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        Experimental branch is out. We are trying it now (well downloading it) and updating our server to see how it all goes. So far it looks better but is supposed to be WAY HARDER.
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          Let me know as soon as you get your server upgraded. if all goes well I will upgrade the Cynical server after cloning it.


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            Got it started and played about an hour. Seemed to go without a hitch. I did notice is uses about twice as much ram. We had opened up most of our map in A16 and used about 1 gig of ram, it's sitting at 2 now with just the starting area discovered. But if you have plenty it won't matter. Even on my low end server it seems to be fine. I have an update script I grabbed from another game and altered if you want. Makes things a bit easier. Not sure if you had this info so here is the update info the 7 days beta ded server.

            app_update 294420 -beta latest_experimental
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              Looks like the first patch for the experimental branch is out. Not sure what's in it, just noticed I had a 1 gig update for 7 days tonight.
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