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How'd it go last night?

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  • How'd it go last night?

    I saw you guys playing 7 days (unfortunately by that time I was a bit too tipsy), how did it go?
    The boys are doing their own thing tonight so I was hoping to get some time in on the server after the wife goes to bed (which is usually early).
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    I just jumped in to get started. Didn't realize it was night when I spawned in. That was pretty interesting.
    I ended up in Diersville though so I am at a town.
    I jumped out after that since I didn't want to get too close to horde night. I think it's on day 5.
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      It was good, Chris and I found each other. I found a house in the middle of a lake, killed its occupants and we started a makeshift base there.
      There are a few houses around the lake I want to explore and see what we can find.
      I'm digging the game though, been a long time. I can get in to playing it again.