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12/14: Up for some adventure tonight?

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  • 12/14: Up for some adventure tonight?

    Hey Guy's - Are we good for jumping into the server tonight for some adventure? I'd say we very much need the airdrops if we can even just get 1 of them and we have a lot to do before day 7.

    I can be on about ~7:15pm PST

    ....and the usual sticks and dicks, rocks and cocks, et. al.
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    I'm up for it.
    I can check the config when I get home and make some adjustments.
    1. day to night ratio, I will make it like the regular server instance.
    2. check what the airdrop interval is set to on the regular server and change it on the exp server.

    Anything else you want me to look in to changing, let me know.


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      Hey Ken, not sure if you noticed but there was another update and it was a HUIGE change (for the better) to the base game.
      I ended up having to update the server and remove all the old saves, starting a fresh map.
      The good news is we are already seeing some new cool poi's (they are slowly going through and making sure they all work)
      There was a big overhaul to the right click, left click combat style
      and lots of other tweaks and balances.

      To answer Frogger, FUCK YEAH! I have really been enjoying the game. This game is still buggy and unfinished but they are really on to something. Once it's stable we will also have a shitload of mods to try.
      My steam workshop


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        I would be OK with starting a fresh map if needed - I do not think we have done much up to this point? I cannot really remember


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          No, we had not done much other than finding each other.
          When I get home I will update the server.

          Eternal, I assume by updating the server you meant your own server. We don't have VPN working at the moment, something on my to do list.
          Maybe I will have time during the holiday shutdown.

          I will try to get home a little early, so I have time to update the server before game time.


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            Brian - will you guys be up for playing tonight?