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Alpha 17 Experimental B231 released

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  • Alpha 17 Experimental B231 released

    I updated my server and it didn't overwrite the config this time. I'm hoping this doesn't require a restart although we might miss some of the pois.

    • 15 new tier 1 cabin POIS
    • Christmas items: Santa hat, candy cane club and candy cane shiv to loot
    • 2 new tier 1 Fast Food POIS

    • Attributes are no longer gated by your level. You can specialize very early game now but attributes cost more for the higher ranks. The goal is to allow players to specialize into classes early game, and be awesome at a few things and ok or poor at other things. Or you can be a jack of all trades, the choice is yours. With the costs of the higher attributes being steeper, players will probably want to specialize in one or two attributes and get the best perks in those attributes and late game there will be less god tier characters who have every perk unlocked. We are looking for feedback such as are there any exploits or severe imbalances with this new system.
    • Lowered volume on auger/chainsaw prefab
    • Removed "more filling" part of perkSlowMetabolism
    • Made StoneAxe / hammer Use as a single hit instead of double hits
    • Rain max volume for environment audio to more reasonable level
    • Overhauled the old pawn shop to a new Tier 3 dungeon
    • Increased underground ore density
    • Adjusted XP for resource harvest, upgrade, and repair
    • Block damages and stamina cost rebalanced
    • ModMeleeStructuralBrace can be installed in all melee items
    • Player level gates for attributes have been removed
    • Attribute buffs like on perk magazines are not limited by player level
    • Nerfed glasses, goggles, shades etc to boost 1 instead of 2
    • Bleed effect is a standard blur instead of oil painting blur
    • Lowered intensity of bleeding screen effect
    • Added throttle to animation parameter sending
    • HammerForge requires Int 5
    • AdvancedEngineering requires Int 6
    • Physician requires Int 4
    • The tutorial quest grants 4 skill points
    • Tier 1 mods require forged iron to craft
    • Video option reflection off to actually disable the probe and specular part of Overlayed_TA shader

    • Turrets can target zombies through wall
    • Collision on city bus
    • Lighting on buses.
    • Collision on broken bs pallets.
    • Model link in grill simple prefab.
    • Collision on microwaves
    • A bunch of mixing, zone tags to POIS for Random Gen. More things should spawn now
    • Fish taco description localization is missing
    • Bedroll placement is printed in console
    • Setting server loot respawn days to 0 gives infinite loot
    • Fixing shadow caster on wooden door
    • Cyrillic no longer supported by ingame chat
    • NRE at waste_rubble_highway_01
    • Position of trader changes when declining quest offers (local client side only)
    • Replication of buffs and cvars
    • Auger and chainsaw sounds persist in MP
    • Auger and chainsaw sound persisting when out of ammo but before reload
    • Lucky Looter description shows it gives you better loot per tier now
    • Pathing issue for zombies on bungalow_12's roof (fixed slope check which made walking on wedge blocks cost too much)
    • Buffs and CVars not being shared over the network
    • Coffee does not grant the listed Intellect bonus
    • Some eyewear does not drop from the intended containers
    • It is not possible to set zeds on fire with a torch
    • Archery does not increase bow draw speed
    • Clients do not see the vulture death animation
    • Vehicle left mouse button not reliably toggling look turning
    • DBS/Debugshot instantly close on Linux/mac
    • New zombie speed settings do not display correctly in server browser
    • Ghost trees on dedicated server
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    Cool, I will update tonight.
    The specialization thing is what we started doing when we first started playing together.
    I think it is a good idea, helps to enhance teamwork.