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    I'm on day 8 in my personal game....

    Minibike - I am down to a seat and handlebars to get this up and running - god it will be good to boogie around on a bike! Do you know where I might likely find these?

    Blood Moon - immediately got overrun and all doors and stuff were wiped out, but I rebuilt the doors and upgraded them.

    The map is still very fucked up with the huge straight up cliffs and shit, kind of like it got bent or something in a few areas. I may try to move this character to a new game and see if that fixes the issue

    Going to play early tonight (6:00pm or so) on this game and try to get at least up and running on a mini bike

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    You craft those items at a work bench.


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      Thanks dude, I would have searched for them for quite a while


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        We've got MiniBikes in my game!!!! Eternal joined and we got him a bike setup as well.

        Just went through Day 7 horde and the downstairs took a beating, but the building stood.

        Next step is to solidify the building and hopefully the fog lifts so I can continue pillaging this place. Going to turn the existing roof top location into the first Lab (forge, workbench, chem station) and gut the inside then solidify the first couple of layers. I'll clean the place up a bit and have plenty of storage.

        Not sure why, but I'm totally into this game!!!!! I want to play right now and gather wood, or stones - really anything

        Thrasher - you mentioned nitrate deposits, what do those look like and where do they tend to hang out? I need to make gunpowder


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          Yeah that horde was rough. You really can't stay in your base during a blood moon and not lose so much work, materials, and time. It's just not worth it. All that wood and iron we used to repair could have been for the forge or something. BUT, that's what you get when I join 2 minutes before a blood moon with no mini bike.
          This game is crack. Rooster and I have been going on these long ass mini bike raids to other towns and cities. I'm starting to think the damn maps are infinite. Really great shit though.

          Nitrate is easiest to find in the burnt lands biome. It will look like all the other deposits but be very white in comparison. You can also get nitrate from the smaller white stones. It's kinda hard to tell them from the greyer ones but you'll know after a few hits if you are only getting stone.
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