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  • Adding spice to life

    Rooster and I just came across this compilation pack for 7 days. Someone took a lot of the prefabs the community has built and put them in one convenient pack. It's not gonna work in all situations (really just mods) but since we use vanilla it would be as simple as copying a few files onto the server. The downside is it would require a restart since the world has to be generated from scratch.

    I have done limited testing (installed, found a town, saw custom poi's) but everything seemed to work with no hitches.

    I am not suggesting we do this and start over I am just throwing this out there since it would add a lot more content to the game and get rid of the same houses over and over.
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    bump cause.........
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      I would be willing to start over, we are getting a little stagnant in our current game, and more content would be cool.
      Right now the server is not working, I need to work on getting it going again.
      It was weird, The forest was not working properly, but 7 days was, then I got the forest working and seven days stopped working.

      Let me know what you all think, and if this is some thing you want to try, I will make it happen. Most likely by next Friday.