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12/21 weekend

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  • 12/21 weekend

    You guys up for anything tonight? The wife passed out so we have more free time than we thought. She got her hair done today and we got her pizza, big day for her.
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    I'm ready to go, i think the server needs to be updated.

    We are flying out to Colorado tomorrow so I can only play tonight. I was thinking, for a fun server and not worrying about building up characters - we can then just jump in anytime I'm guessing? Since the 7th day would be quite easy to take on with Mini Bikes - just ride baby!


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      Ya know - I was looking at a hosted server for 7d2d and we can get one for a 3 month term for about $35.00 with 8 slots. It seemed to work well with the Empyrion server. and after 3 months we may be played out, or just renew. Any thoughts on that?

      I can spring for this - Merry Christmas!


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        I am starting the update now


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          We can discuss the hosted server while were playing, I would be down for pitching in, that will make it easier.