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Dead Island 2. Out in April.

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  • Dead Island 2. Out in April.

    Looks like Dead Island 2 is coming out in April.
    This game has been a long time coming, they started development back in 2013 then the project was abandoned, then picked up by another company.
    I am not sure how good it will be, so I am going to hold off until awhile after it is released and see what people think.
    It is hard to find any real game footage that isn't alpha or pre alpha, and there is not a lot of talk about it, seems like people have abandoned it to.
    The game play that is out there looks pretty good though, and it now takes place in California, so no more island fever.

    Hope is turns out to be good, I really like the original, and Riptide.

    cdkeyhouse has preorder steam keys for 49.95, $10 off regular price.

    Would be nice to have another game we could all get into.

    This is footage from 2014, pre alpha, but still looks cool.
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