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  • Alpha EXPERIMENTAL 8.6.0

    We don't run experimental but at least we can see what's coming up next. There is some really good stuff in here.

    - Added new temperate swamp planet: it can be found in the Random Default scenario and in the Akua-Omicron scenario as Roggery planet
    - The new planet includes more than 20 new POIs and several new terrain stamps (thanks to binhthuy71, rainyday, Ramachandra, jmcburn, jrandall, Needleship for their POIs). 2 biomes on this planet were inspired by Vexray's creations

    - Added retractable turrets for Bases and Hover Vessels
    - Added Base Turrets in groups (similar to CV)
    - Added retractable versions for alien sentry guns
    - Added wall version for human sentry gun
    - Added retractable version for all human sentry guns (and put into block group)
    - Added Prefab Stock Tier0 HV

    - Survival Tool does not consume Stamina anymore
    - Increased rotation speed of all sentry guns
    - Limiting camera third person zoom to 300 meter

    - Re-added weapon name to right-bottom HUD
    - Allow to select Structure type (BA, SV, CV, HV) and Object type for more menus (similar behavior as with Constructor): BP Menu (F2) and Creative Menu
    - Added tooltips to N Building Menu (Build Settings Window)
    - Updated preview icons for Plastic (darker to better distinguish from other blocks)

    - Added new static image when using Warp Jump (instead of white screen)
    - Re-added parallax high setting

    Planet Update:
    - Updated Arid planet: Added Epsilon Main Radar Complex + Auxiliaries
    - Added new POI: Xenu Fuel Storage (by fractalite): group name "XenuMain"

    - Re-balanced NPC spawning on Temperate Starter planets (less spiders during night, more diversity in spawning)
    - Re-balanced temperate starter (Default Scenario): starter POIs are now a bit closer to starter biome (ca 150m)

    - Enhanced Deconstructor to deconstruct group block's children
    - Furnace no longer shows construction queue (not needed since furnace does step-by-step auto-crafting)
    - Non-retractable turrets occupy now 1 block space less in y direction
    - Added console command ("unlockdevices", "ud") for unlocking all devices
    - Added console command ("calcunlockpoints", "cup") that calculates how many unlock points are needed to unlock everything in all tech trees
    - TurretTemplate is now exported to Config.ecf
    - Reduced night light intensity on desert planet

    Bug Fixes:
    - Fixed: Mounted weapons can't reload if some of the other mounted weapons are inactive
    - Fixed: Instant reloading for retractable turrets by turning them on and off constantly
    - Fixed: Sometimes when returning to docked vessels they can be positioned incorrectly but still docked.
    - Fixed: Spawned docked ships don't move anymore if vessel it was docked to is gone
    - Fixed: Problem that sold stacks to NPC Trader were not split properly
    - Fixed: Coloring with Mirror plane does not work for several blocks (eg Windows, Railing etc)
    - Fixed: Item dupe after playfield change (landing to planet)
    - Fixed: Solar Panels only show one yellow dot after a few restarts / after a while
    - Fixed: Solar panels calculate the sun at the wrong position in some cases
    - Fixed: Solar energy production displays wrong numbers in some cases
    - Fixed: When the player enters a planet from orbit you see for a split second the terrain close up
    - Fixed: Sprinting into a cockpit keeps Stamina draining
    - Fixed: Furnace idle/working mode not correct
    - Fixed: Revealed sectors not displayed in scroll list in sector map.
    - Fixed: Issue with Emissive textures with bloom enabled.
    - Fixed: Terrain Placeables could be stacked on top of each other (Tents, Work Lights, Water Generator etc)
    - Fixed: Custom new game name is reset after changing difficulty settings.
    - Fixed: Slot info missing from Armor info UI.
    - Fixed: Internal AI Exception
    - Fixed: Page down camera glitch through ground
    - Fixed: Several internal exceptions
    - Fixed: “EnergyIn” is displayed at bottom for Drill Turret (and all other drills) in Block Info (unlike for other devices)
    - Fixed: Upgrade Info in tooltip sometimes showing "null" (instead of "None")
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    It's nice to see how much work their putting in to this. A lot of good stuff.


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      Yeah they are keeping a great pace and seem to be adding content in every patch. We lucked out on this game. For an early access these guys are doing it right. Now if they would just give the AI a huge overhaul so we have something decent to fight.
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