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Game Night - Getting a ship????

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    Moved all items from Frogger is Hawt to the new base and sorted. Not sure how to turn off lights, but turned off everything else.

    We need to get rid of those bases around us, they are too close for comfort and I think the guys running around out there with guns and missiles are from one of them?


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      There is a bad guy camp about 400 meters from our base, that is where the trouble is coming from, We are going to have to try and take them out at some point.
      We may have to build some rocket launchers and rockets to help in that endeavor. I was able to snipe 4 of them that were roaming around, till a guy with a rocket launcher showed up and chased me off.
      The new base looks awesome, the roof work is great! Nice to have the landing pads up there.


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        Yeah, the roof work is awesome, beautiful build eternal

        Backed up the server files last night after we logged off.


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          I wanted to join you last night but in our own game we lost both our ships and ended up stranded on a planet with a radioactive atmosphere and no oxygen. It was not good. We finally got setup again but it wasn't easy. It's insane how dangerous it gets once you hit space.
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            I'm too frickin scared to fly my ship around, too easy to get shot down by all the crap around us

            We need weapons tat will compete and be able to take out the Armory, need to find out how best to attack that

            Found a good discussion about this here:
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              I went through that entire post, there are some good ideas. Looks like the option to tunnel is no longer valid, so we can scrap that one.
              I don't think any of our ships have rocket launchers, so that is out.
              I think taking the turrets out with rockets is a good idea, we just need to have cover.
              The post about using the filler tool to build mounds and go like trench warfare might have some possibility. If we could build a mound to hide behind on the top of the hill, I think we could take out the turrets.
              We could snipe the drones if they start to come by.
              I am game for giving it a try. How bad could it be.


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                We need to save the game before we start - just to be safe But hell yeah, I want some damn good armor and shit!


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                  I forgot, last time I played I was in space right above our planet and I got connection errors. When it came back I was outside my ship and it said "occupied" so I ran out of air and food and died.Fuck me right?
                  Today I jumped in for a bit and managed to get my ship back and make it down again. Space sucks. I also had enough materials to make a ship so we all have one now.
                  Let the good times roll.
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                    That is interesting that you are seeing connection issues. What time would this have been?

                    From the sound of it, the game may have crashed since the ship was showing occupied, that seems to me like the server still though you were in the game. I'll check the logs tonight and see what may have happened.

                    When I play, since I used personal VPN on my computer, i'm coming from another location in the US, and do not have any connectivity problems with the server, and have not since the night we had all those issues, and since I reinstalled completely.


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                      This was before you fixed it. I hadn't had a chance to log in until today. Rooster and I jumped in, got him a ship, farmed some silicon (which we really need) and had to jump out.
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                        ok, cool.

                        Yeah, I farmed Silicon a couple nights ago and turned it into about 700 ingot to save storage space of the ore+ingot. I picked up Promethium last night, but only about 70% of the deposit. going back in to grab the rest today.

                        I found a destructed building, and inside was a "dining table" laying flat on the ground. As I approached, it gave me the option to press F to recover stamina - so I did this and it went back to 500 at a rapid pace. Something to note. I was unable to do anything with the table but use it, or I would have brought it back.

                        Loving having the freedom to go all over the planet, with some minor route changes to avoid bad guys, and grab resources