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  • Info we've learned about the game

    Just thought a repository of info we find out might be good.

    You can retrieve backpacks with the drone.

    Don't forget to turn off everything in your ship EXCEPT your fridge. It looks like you guys may have turned your ships off completely. Your food is probably spoiled since the server is on all the time.

    Right click on most placeables to get a sub menu of different blocks you can use. I.e. the switch can become a motion or light sensor, blocks have different shapes, etc.

    When building, hit the "n" key to bring up a sub menu. From here you can set the axis of your build to center, then anything you do on one side will mirror on the other. Including painting!

    When you lose a block on your ship, check to see if you have a hardened steel block to replace it with. Don't just use steel. I think they have around 100 less HP. By the time you've replaced it all you'll have a pretty sweet ship.
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    The only purpose of furnaces is to turn ore into ingots. Not much but it does leave the constructors free.
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