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This is how nerdy I am.

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  • This is how nerdy I am.

    Since I was pretty young i've been an off and on DnD player. I even passed the hobby down to my sons (all 3 of them). in the last 5 years or so we've kind of gotten away from it. It's tough getting a bunch of people together every other week to spend 3 hours beating up imaginary creatures.
    Since this game came out and i've seen what can be accomplished in a short time I had this grand idea to build an entire world with multiple cities, ports, towns, etc. Right before this last patch a mod called the ultimate cheat menu came out. It adds everything I need to accomplish this. Unfortunately it makes the game crash a lot and causes other issues but once I have everything built I won't need it.
    Anyways, once I get this world done we are gonna use that along with the pen and paper version to play a half imaginary, half Forest game. I've come up with a story line to match what happens in the Forest story and with the mod I can control just about anything.
    That's how awesome this game is.
    That's how nerdy I am.
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    I think that would be really cool when you get it done. As time goes by and the game gets more stable, all your ideas may work out.