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Scuse me, have you seen the bridge?

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  • Scuse me, have you seen the bridge?

    Rooster and i got bored last night so decided to build a bridge.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	forestbridge.jpg
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    It's kinda hard to see. I'll try and get better screens.


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      I'd like to see it, I see nothing at the moment


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        Anything now?


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          I would like to see a view going in to the bridge, but it looks really cool.
          You might want to call a structural engineer though, those rocks holding it up look a bit flimsy.

          I would like to see this in person, is this in your private map? Maybe we can copy it to the server so we can switch between the 2.
          I could write a script to do that, so we can pick between the current map and your map.


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            Thanks a lot Ken. After you said that I went in and took out those supports just for fun. The bridge did not make it.
            I have some screens looking in but they really don't do it justice. I'll see what I have though.

            I'd love to get this on the server. I can email you the save file. I know it will start us out as fresh characters but all the stuff will be built. Could be fun to start over on a map that already has some cool shit.

            Click image for larger version

Name:	bridgeduringday.jpg
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            Here's a view looking in. Haven't quite finished the entrances but they are ok for now.

            Click image for larger version

Name:	insidebridgeview.jpg
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              So your saying that our current map does not have any cool shit.
              I see how it is.

              lets see what say Frogger, if he is willing to start over, I can put your map in.

              If we every have time to do some admin meetings, I could get you the sftp username and password, and you can put file up on the forum server and I can pull them down from there.


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                That is a very cool bridge!

                I'm fine starting over, i've done it enough times to know what we need to get right away