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  • 01/09/18 Server activity

    Frogger i hope you don't mind but we put some effigies outside your door (nearest the other buildings). You, me, and Rooster all have 2 outside our doors and it looks bad ass at night.
    I've mostly finished the bigger building I was working on. I put a kitchen and storage in there and it has the possibility of a second floor at some point. If you get a chance go around back to the tunnel we are building and take the zip line down. It leads to a new building I put up at the bottom of the lake. Kinda closer to Thrasher (I felt like he was lonely).

    Things are moving along nicely. It's another fun build.
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    Works for me I'm working on getting the Modern Bow in my personal game - you need to get the re-breather and the climbing axe, then you can go after the modern bow


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      I would love to get the modern bow. I am having a hell of a time killing deer with the bow we have.
      I hit them multiple times, they run off and come back later. I hit them again but they won't die.
      The only time I am able to get them is if they get stuck on something. Then I can spear them.

      I wish they didn't make them so difficult compared to how they were. I understand they needed to make them a little more difficult, but it seems they made them a lot more difficult.
      Last time I went in to the game for a moment, I noticed my food racks were gone, so I am going to have to create some new ones inside.
      I cannot play the game by myself in hard mode, I get swamped real quick. They have no one else to pick on.

      Can't wait to see the work you guys have done.


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        Just got the Modern axe, not a quest for the timid, we can make this quest after we get the re-breather and climbing axe. Took me some time to get everything, and I just got the bow, now I'm gonna veg before bed. Looking forward to Friday in more ways than one


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          Good job dude.


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            Dankashe (have to put at least 10 characters in a post)


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              Yeah, pain in the ass. I could change that, but that would require more than 10 characters.
              Don't think I have the strength.


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                No worries Thrasher - just a curious requirement You feeling OK? Or have you been sick?

                Update on the Modern Bow:
                I have killed 2 cannibals with the bow so far - 1 took 2 arrows, and the other took 1 arrow. Both were killed with the modern arrows we find in the boxes, I have not tried bone arrows on cannibals yet.

                Going to play some more tonight and get into some action to see what the bow can really do


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                  Quick head shot, took him down with 1 arrow. Have taken a couple of the women down with 1 arrow as well.

                  Another guy took the normal 5 arrows but they were body shots


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                    Was having a bad day so I jumped in for a little therapeutic rock collecting and forgot we are in a cave. Was easy to get out though. Once up top I was working on my walls and stuff and ended up fighting (not at the same time) 2 armsies, 3 virginias, and at least 20 cannibals. They went down like bitches.
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                      Was in the server for a while today, man, it was very active. I had 2 Armsies, 1 Bull, (don't know what they are called) and a Leggsie at the same time. Luckily they did not have any little guys there with them.

                      Took out about 15 or so cannibals and about 8 mutants, mostly by backing up and hitting them with arrows. It was very cool Nothing destroyed AFAIK - it was a blast, but not for the squeamish